Photographic Artist living in Port Noarlunga South Australia

Thanks for dropping by.

I think of this site as a Restrospective : Introspective Portfolio, where I have looked back and into a collection of my photographic pursuits for more than 25 years.
Through these images I found my own style, a style that defined me.


Whether still life, portraiture or photo-documentary my underlining philosophy has always been to get the best from the equipment I have, push boundaries and ask myself, ‘what if’ or ‘so what’.


Cameras, lenses or well equipped studios don’t take photographs, they are only tools in the process.
You are the artist, your vision is what photography is about. It’s the ability to translate those conceptual ideas that float around in your mind’s eye into a visual record on film, screen or paper, like the painter who would use a canvas or the potter, clay, my medium has been photography. I hope you enjoy these images and can be inspired to follow your own art’s path..

get the best you can from the equipment you have